We Might Be Drunk Ep 48: Bubble Tea

via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRSK39G5Z0M

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0:00 Music
0:20 Show Starts
2:25 Drink Time
5:10 Squid Game
12:32 Succession
15:05 Wu Assassins Clip
19:40 Rappin’ Rodney
21:50 Joke Books
24:50 What’s the Deal with Airplanes?
29:27 Comedy Crowds
32:43 What Makes a Good Club?
40:40 Bubble Tea, eh?
45:59 Ad Break
51:07 Back To The Show
51:20 Mark Rec – Take a Walk!
54:23 Sam Toast – The Clear Coffee Mug
55:32 Sam Rec – A Drink Before The War Book
56:16 Sam Rec – Shut off the f****** screens
57:43 Mark Rec – Candles
59:48 Group Rec – Richard Jeni
1:02:30 Mark Peeves – Poor Time Management
1:13:43 Mark Bit – Government as our parents
1:18:01 Sam Bit – Delta Family
1:21:03 Tour Dates
1:22:30 Credits