Third Row Tesla Podcast – Elon’s Story – Part 1


Elon Musk is known for many different things – however, not many people seem to know a lot about Elon as a person, what led to him putting everything on the line to build SpaceX & Tesla, and why he continues pushing for a better future.

In this video, Elon is sharing his story – raw & (almost) uncut, with Kimbal and Maye Musk.


01:21 – Can you talk about the way you engage with customers online?
03:21 – Why do you like Twitter so much?
06:38 – What sticks out to you out of the things you’ve achieved?
Answer somehow get to stocks and money – and economics and other topics..
14:01 – Talking about this location
15:38 – Not enough people understand how Elon tries to make big changes with small products
17:03 – Did you always know you wanted to use business to solve problems?
26:23 – Why go and put your money to SpaceX?
28:32 – Why did you try to get capacitors into EV’s back then?
30:31 – Maxwell
31:27 – Other car companies batteries
35:09 – Why was China the place chosen for GF3?
36:39 – How did Tesla manage to get the first fully owned car factory in China?
38:06 – How much have the production hell lessons helped you for the China factory?
41:28 – What are the misconceptions about your personal history that you would want to correct?
43:31 – Share more about your upbringing and why you came to North America.
53:00 – What did people think about Zip2?
58:26 – Kimbal shows up and they talk about Zip2
1:03:45 – Where did you get the technical knowledge to build Zip2?
1:05:14 – Do you still code?
1:19:42 – What made you do PayPal?
1:28:07 – So what made you part ways with PayPal?
1:29:31 – You seem to be attracted to crazy ideas, how do you find the courage?
1:32:57 – You love code but you don’t seem to be bullish on Bitcoin, why is that?
1:35:40 – Would there be a direct democracy in Mars? What kind of laws?
1:42:35 – Start of SpaceX
1:49:30 – Did you think you are going to do dozens of launches a year?
1:53:45 – Early SpaceX
1:58:46 – Start of Tesla

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