The Professor (Magic: The Gathering, Tolarian Community College) on TYSO – #114


Having a podcast allows us to showcase some incredible people, and this week is no different… This week’s guest isn’t our typical comedian/entertainer, but he is THE PROFESSOR!… Of Tolarian Community College, which isn’t so much a college and actually a #1 Magic The Gathering Youtube channel!

If you aren’t too familiar with Magic The Gathering, it doesn’t matter because this episode is about so much more than just a trading card game (that being said, during this episode, Rick DOES open a package that contains a very rare, early 90’s booster box).

Immediately The professor (aka Brian Lewis) and Rick bond over similar anxieties and being uncomfortable in the world outside their safety net. 

Brian recounts his friendless childhood, barking like a dog at school, and being likened to Forest Gump as a teen. Rick connects to Brian’s inability to find his tribe and finds a through line in his own life with finding comedy. 

Now running a successful YouTube with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and a lucrative patron, Brian insists that “The Gathering” remains the most important part of playing the game. 

Rick unpacks Brian’s career from Teachers assistant to successful YouTuber, his opinions on collectables and how Magic The Gathering ’s rules make it easier to navigate than this complicated world. 

This is the episode for anyone who didn’t fit in at school or is still looking for their community… he goes to show that everyone can find their people and become VERY successful in doing so. 

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