Taran Killam 2.0 (SNL, Hamilton, The Simpsons) on TYSO – #97

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Welcoming back an early TYSO guest… SNL’s Taran Killam!

This one starts out rocky as Rick is shaken by a myriad of technical difficulties early on. Taran is the consummate performer and remains unshaken. This starts a conversation about Rick’s inability to let go of things that bother him.

Taran discusses his own process and his marriage to Cobie Smulders in the public eye.

They manage to cover some career highlights including Taran becoming a voice on The Simpsons, being cast in 12 Years A Slave, writing his very own Spiderman Western Comic, and reflecting on his live performing days at SNL.

Rick searches for some common ground whilst grappling with how the episode is going and introduces Taran to TYSO’s Goblin who makes a memorable mark (literally).

Definitely a complex episode for our host.

Rick decompresses with friend David Sullivan on a Patreon episode this week about how this podcast went and how he feels a few days after it all, so if you want to get the inside scoop head on over to https://ift.tt/38Q1BAz

Taran Killam 1.0 on TYSO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQrfTLFYYuU

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