Webinar: Using OKR for personal and professional growth with Natalija Hellesoe and Jeff Gothelf

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Sense & Respond Press author Natalija Hellesoe, OKRs at the Center (https://amzn.to/36O1J4G) and press co-founder and author of Forever Employable (https://amzn.to/2Zm7Eu7) Jeff Gothelf spend an hour breaking down the basics behind Objectives and Key Results (OKRs or OKR if you prefer) and show how to apply this popular goal setting method to your personal goals as well as your professional development. Drawing on insights from both books and years of personal experience Natalija and Jeff show how to set up OKRs for getting in better shape or becoming more successful at work and how to hold yourself accountable.

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Jeff Gothelf: https://ift.tt/3tMg1wq

Raptor Jesus is Risen (45mins of improvised dnb & techno using the worlds most advanced looping rig)

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Yes. . . Yes it is.

This is all my voice all processed using the custom configured Beardytron 7000 X pro mark iii turbo.

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German Jacob wants to give TV a shot… but just how many bad TV shows can there be on German stations?

Well… we can only hope that there isn’t too many..

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Taran Killam 2.0 (SNL, Hamilton, The Simpsons) on TYSO – #97

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Welcoming back an early TYSO guest… SNL’s Taran Killam!

This one starts out rocky as Rick is shaken by a myriad of technical difficulties early on. Taran is the consummate performer and remains unshaken. This starts a conversation about Rick’s inability to let go of things that bother him.

Taran discusses his own process and his marriage to Cobie Smulders in the public eye.

They manage to cover some career highlights including Taran becoming a voice on The Simpsons, being cast in 12 Years A Slave, writing his very own Spiderman Western Comic, and reflecting on his live performing days at SNL.

Rick searches for some common ground whilst grappling with how the episode is going and introduces Taran to TYSO’s Goblin who makes a memorable mark (literally).

Definitely a complex episode for our host.

Rick decompresses with friend David Sullivan on a Patreon episode this week about how this podcast went and how he feels a few days after it all, so if you want to get the inside scoop head on over to https://ift.tt/38Q1BAz

Taran Killam 1.0 on TYSO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQrfTLFYYuU

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Edited by: @Perry Grone & Rick Glassman
Sound Mixing: Evan O’Lear
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Renuzit how to use it

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Opening a Renuzit air freshener, #strongandloud #take3 #hilarious #howtouseit #renuzit #95kviews #Homage This is how you use room spray? #Frrrrom #acting #noteasy #lines #renuzit #thatshowitgoes

All My Homies Hate Skrillex | A story about what happened with dubstep.

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A retrospective on the pre-2010 dubstep scene in the UK, and why the heads ended up hating Skrillex.

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00:03 Menta – Snake Charmer
00:46 Skrillex – Ruffneck
00:53 Peverelist – Roll with the punches (Harmonimix bootleg)
01:24 Lenkemz – Entro (p)
01:38 Freestyle Fellowship – Hot Potato
01:57 Capone – Three Drops
02:11 Starkey – Prism
03:24 Mala – Sinners
04:33 Coki – Red Eye
04:45 Skream – Tapped
05:00 Mala – Miracles
06:03 The Bug ft Flowdan – Jahwar (Loefah remix)
06:40 Skream – Midnight Request Line
07:30 Coki – Tortured
07:37 Skream – Dutch Flowers (Rusko remix)
08:15 Coki – Ruff Lovin
09:12 Excerpt from Youngsta – Forward Live Vol 01 [2004] 09:48 Lovestation – Teardrops
11:12 Skream – I (Loefah remix)
12:29 Mala – Hunter
13:10 Benny Ill – Fat Larry’s Skank (Kode9 remix)
13:51 Kode9 – 9 Samurai
14:18 Mala – Anti-War Dub
15:00 Calenda – Forever
15:20 Burial – Archangel
16:20 Burial – Shell of Light
16:28 Burial – Fostercare
16:38 Burial – Homeless
17:04 Burial – Stolen Dog
19:29 Skrillex – Cinema
19:54 Plastician – Still Tippin
20:35 Peverelist – Roll with the Punches
22:34 Digital Mystikz – Haunted
23:18 Rusko – Hammertime
23:28 Rusko – 2 N A Q
23:50 Becoming Real – Jen’s Clock
24:20 Zomby – Kaliko
24:43 Zomby – Strange Fruit
24:48 Zomby – With Lazers
24:50 Piece of Shh – Diablo Riddim (Zomby’s Acid)
24:51 Zomby – Little Miss Naughty
25:00 Ikonika – Please
25:10 Becoming Real – Fast Motion
25:22 Von D ft Phe Phe – Show Me
25:27 Phaeleh – Afterglow
25:28 Clouds – Protecting Hands Pt 2
25:53 Shackleton – The Branch is Weak
26:12 Untold – Stop What You’re Doing
26:19 Untold – Anaconda
26:30 James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof
27:02 Joker – Gully Brook Lane
27:36 Joker – Retro Racer
27:39 Joker – TRON
27:43 Joker & Rustie – Play Doe
27:57 Gemmy – Bk 2 the Future
28:07 Guido – Mad Sax
28:14 Ghost Mutt – Thoroughbred
28:32 Joker – Purple City
29:12 Coki – Goblin
31:43 Kahn & Neek – Soundboy Obliterator (send for Visionist)
32:01 Crissy Criss – Soap Dodger
32:41 Coki – Spongebob
34:14 Jakes – 3kout
34:53 Laroux – In For the Kill (Skrillex remix)
35:21 Caspa – Louder VIP
35:48 Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
35:54 Excision – The Paradox
35:57 Flux Pavilion – Got 2 Know
36:22 Doctor P – Sweet Shop
36:37 The Others – Africa VIP
36:53 Skrillex – Right In
37:10 Coki – Voodoo Dolls
37:58 Mala – Eyez
38:23 Wiley – Ice Pole Remix
38:41 Wiley – King of Grime
38:57 Mr Virgo – Hyponotic 2
39:15 Noah D – Seeeriousss
40:10 Sukh Knight – Diesel Not Petrol
40:38 Jakes – Titan
41:23 Peverelist – Junktion (Shed remix)
42:26 Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl is a Computer
43:38 Caspa – My Pet Monster
44:05 Flux Pavilion – Got 2 Know
44:18 Starkey – Time Traveller
46:50 Peverelist – Roll with the Punches (Harmonimix bootleg)
48:14 Goli & Ashburner – If I
51:56 16bit – Shallow

Footage of the UK / Dubstep Raves / Scenery taken from (go like and support):
Bassweight: A Dubstep Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVcX0Oc5j5E&ab_channel=GetDarker
Get Darker https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi-bKESYc_sboCSqBjw43sg
BASS PASS https://www.youtube.com/user/basspassblog
sibbersfieldwire https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZWaew1R1pFamFXnCl-svZA
Connor Moriarty https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYNZ5lS6irl3BeHgCFPolUw
Keep Hush https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQAnY_suiNH0MvdTHk5GiBA
Boiler Room https://www.youtube.com/user/brtvofficial

Please bear in mind this is a highly subjective piece, telling the story of dubstep uniquely from my own perspective and knowledge of the scene.

Peace x