QOTD – 2020-10-25

Integre hassen Intrigen

Those with integrity hate intrigues

Les intègres haïssent les intrigues

Rupert Schützbach *4.12.1933 Passau-Hals

A character of integrity is righteous and honest. He says what he thinks and he thinks what he says. This does not mean that he is naive in the face of evil in the world. Rather, this personality shows backbone and moral courage where others do not dare to openly take and defend their point of view. If a person of integrity feels compelled to fight, he does so openly and sincerely. He does not play a double game and renounces deceitfulness. He refrains from actions that belong to the nature of an intrigue, which seeks to achieve a certain goal at the expense of others through lies and disinformation spread subliminally. An integrity human being speaks plain language opposite a coworker or a colleague, if there was criticism at a expiration or a feedback in things problem-official quality of work. This happens with all clarity, but still in such a way that the opposite party can save face and learn something from the feedback. Intrigues attract – like lies – further dirt. Once one has gotten involved in such a cowardly tactic, the evil game has no end. Who wanted to do this to himself?

QOTD 2019-08-28

Nicht was du bist, ist, was dich ehrt. Wie du es bist, bestimmt deinen Wert

Not what you are will honor you. How you are will determine your worth

Ce que tu es n’est pas ce qui t’honore. C’est ta façon de l’être qui détermine ta valeur

Friedrich Rückert, * 16.5.1788 (Schweinfurt, Bavaria), † 31.1.1866 (Neusess, Bavaria)
German poet, orientalist and translator

QOTD 2019-08-24

Die schönste Harmonie entsteht durch Zusammenbringen der Gegensätze

The most beautiful harmony emerges from combining opposing forces

La plus belle harmonie naît du mariage des contraires

Heraklit of Ephesos, * ~520 BC (Colony of Ephesos in Ionia), † ~460 BC (Colony of Ephesos in Ionia),
Greek Nature Philosopher and Historian

QOTD 2019-08-22

Im Leben verdank man viel Glück und Unglück nur dem Zufall; aber der innere Frieden hängt nie vom Zufall ab

Many a happiness in life, as many a disaster, can be due to change, but the peace within us can never be governed by chance

Dans la vie on doit beaucoup à la chance ou à la malchance; mais la paix intéreure ne dépend jamais du hasard

Count Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck, * 29.8.1862 (Gent, Belgium), † 6.5.1949 (Orlamonde near Nice, France),
Belgian writer and French language dramatist, 1911 Nobel Literature prize winner

QOTD 2019-08-19

Tu Gutes und wird es ins Meer! Sieht es der Fisch nicht, so sieht es der Herr

Do good, then throw it into the sea! If the fish doesn’t see it the Creator will

Fais du bien et jette-le à la mer! Même si les poissons l’ignorent, Dieu le saura

Hafis (Shamsod-Din Mohammad Hafis), * ~1320 (Shiras, Iran), † 1389 (Shiras), Persian poet and philosopher

QOTD 2019-08-06

Es gibt kein richtiges Leben im falschen

There is no right life in the wrong

Il n’y a pas de vraie vie dans la fausse

Theodor W. Adorno (born Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund), *11.9.1903 (Frankfurt am Main), †  6.8.1969 (Visp, Wallis, Schweiz), deutscher Musiktheoretiker, Soziologe und Philosoph