Servicing your Tesla model 3: The Complete Guide

Servicing your Tesla model 3: The Complete Guide

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In this episode we do a complete first year annual service according to Tesla at the Electrified Garage, we follow our factory trained Tesla specialist (Chad) for everything that should be looked at/addressed in the first year. We will do follow up episodes on what happens at the 2-3 year mark.


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Buyer’s Guide to Available EVs | In Depth

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Buyer’s Guide to Available EVs | In Depth

On today’s episode of “In Depth” Zac & Jesse have compiled a buyer’s guide to all the available EVs right now to help you with your switch to electric cars!

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Krasses Gesabbl 07 – Nie wieder Kinderschokolade!

Krasses Gesabbl 07 – Nie wieder Kinderschokolade!

Oliver und Sarah sabbln Heute krass über Zuckerentzug, Tricks den Schokodrang zu überwinden und den Druck der Social-Media-Welt.

Die beiden besprechen einmal die Woche die krassesten Ereignisse ihres Lebens, die Geschehnisse der Welt und alles, was die Zuhörer interessiert. Kein Thema ist sicher, wenn die beiden Freunde humorvoll, emotional und schonungslos ehrlich ihre Meinungen teilen.

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#369: The Podfather (with Brian Redban)

#369: The Podfather (with Brian Redban)

Brian Redban took me into his new podcast studio to talk about the early days of the podcast scene in Los Angeles. When everything was guerrilla. When it was fresh and new and nobody knew what it was gonna turn into. It was such a crazy time and Redban was right there helping form the scene. From the Joe Rogan podcast, to mine, to Segura’s, and lots more, he helped build the scene from the ground up. We talked about what it was like, what podcasts have turned into, and where it’s going now. I’m telling you, this episode got me so hyped up to put out the coolest content I can. You’re all gonna benefit over the next few years because of this conversation.

Tour Dates:
Nashville – October 17/18/19 – Zanies
San Jose – November 7/8/9 – Improv
Detroit – November 14 – The Magic Bag
Chicago – November 16 – The Vic
Cincinnati – November 17 – Funny Bone
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