Stuff Island Get Arrested | The Colum Tyrrell Podcast Ep.8 | ft. Tommy Pope & Chris O’Connor


The Colum Tyrrell Podcast welcomes stand up comedians and Stuff Island podcast hosts Chris O’Connor and Tommy Pope. Chris and Tommy are known for Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, Gilly & Keeves, Comedy Central’s Delco Propper, Tires and Dan Soder & Big Jay Oakerson’s The Bonfire.
They discuss thoughts on high-vocabulary people, Frank Sinatra’s criminal youth, drinking stories, and arrest stories.

The Colum Tyrrell Podcast is hosted by stand-up comedian Colum Tyrrell. Collie has been seen on comedy podcasts The Legion of Skanks Podcast, Matt & Shane’s Secret Podcast, Real Ass Podcast, YKWD, Dan Soder & Big Jay Oakerson’s The Bonfire and more.

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