Stavvy’s World #12 – Jessica Kirson | Full Episode


Jessica Kirson joins the pod to discuss partying in college, crapping on her mom’s lawn and blaming the family dog, her evolving relationship with her mom, and help callers including a guy whose girlfriend hates his beloved dog, and a man wondering if he should ruin his cheating wife in a legal divorce battle.

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0:00 – Intro, chunky childhood reminiscing
5:01 – Jess’s step bro is Zach Braff
12:07 – College partying and relationships
23:58 – Teenage Jess pooped on her mom’s lawn
31:13 – Feminine/masculine, Chinese/pizza
34:31 – Call #1: Woman self-conscious after her husband lost a lot of weight
44:01 – Call #2: Man wonders if he should destroy his cheating wife in divorce
47:51 – Call #3: Man insecure about his girlfriend’s friendships with past flings
53:41 – Call #4: Guy’s girlfriend hates his beloved dog
59:24 – Call #5: Australian open mic-er considers moving overseas for standup
1:10:16 – Call #6: Guy wonders if he should feel bad about hooking up with other girls while him and his girlfriend were on a break
1:14:46 – Call #7: Smoke shop employee pressured by boss to sell illegal vape inventory
1:20:11 – Call #8: unclipped caller has a rash on his hog
1:26:41 – Fin

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