Sara Kuburic aka Millennial Therapist (Existential Psychotherapist) on TYSO – #221


Sara Kuburic, aka Millennial Therapist, is an existential psychotherapist, consultant, writer, and columnist. She’s also made famous by her instagram, millennial.therapist. She and Rick have been friends for a few years, but because she is a (self-diagnosed) “nomad,” they haven’t been in the same place much, so it’s due time they finally podcasted! Sara has a new book, “It’s On Me”,  that comes out TODAY, and if you like her IG (which is FANTASTIC. Follow her if you don’t already), you will love her book. Get it here:

“My interest in psychology stems from my personal experience living through wars, navigating complex relationships, and continually learning what it means to be human.” – Sarah
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