Robert Kelly in NY (You Know What Dude Podcast) on TYSO – #145


It’s Valentine’s Day!! Fitting for a first date!! THE SLEEP OVER SERIES continues in New York, this time with comedian Robert “Bobby” Kelly. Bobby meets Rick (for the first time) at Rick’s hotel, and after using the “bathroom in the lobby,” the two read out the “slew of texts” Rick sent Bobby that almost made him not come. 

(Hi, Rick here — I don’t want to write more description, but this episode is VERY good. I laughed more during this than I have in a while. Please enjoy. And if you want to see all the cool edits, check it out on YouTube:

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Robert Kelly’s You Know What Dude Podcast

Directed by: Rick Glassman
Edited by: JonMichael Pereira
Sound Mixing: George Krikes
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