Rick Glassman & Erik Griffin NIGHTMARE | Scissor Bros w/ Steebee Weebee & Jeremiah Watkins | Ep 100

via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx8pDKSpZsA

Episode 100 is here we’ve brought our friends Rick Glassman and Erik Griffin to celebrate. This was easily the craziest episode we have ever shot. It was a NIGHTMARE! Steve confronts his kryptonite in Rick, Jeremiah fights to keep the podcast on course and Erik & Rick do their best to fulfill the prophecy of the Nightmare Episode.

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00:00 We Love You
02:06 100 Other Places to Be
03:30 The Nightmare Episode
06:19 The F Key
07:38 Restart 1 & 2
08:59 The Headphones
10:29 Restart 3
12:08 Opening Song “Pussy Cat”
16:41 Rituals
23:24 Rick and Steve
29:37 Restart 4
36:03 Nude Griffin
45:40 Song “The Real Steebee”
55:47 Do You Want to Fight?
1:03:26 The Challenge
1:11:55 Dance Break
1:13:57 Gerald’s Thoughts

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Producer: Ryan Armendariz (https://ift.tt/Xc7NF3y)
Editing/Graphics: Jordan Blauvelt (https://ift.tt/R5QCvqr)
Intro: Ryan Strauss (https://ift.tt/9Fzkuvt)

And a huge thanks to the team of artists that helped make this episode possible!
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