Not your Ma’ & Pa’s BEST OF 2021 episode – #138


What’s better than a famous, talented and accomplished guest? How about a WHOLE BUNCH of them! That’s right, it’s the BEST OF TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF EPISODE! 

Now, you may be a certified Bopper or a Goblin mega fan, who thinks they’ve seen it all…but we promise you, this absolute chaos cluster of episodes, compiled in some sort of order is worth your time! 

From live performances to full frontal nudity, we’ve collected our favorite moments to round up the year and projectile (poop) us into 2022. 

This year Rick not only grew the audience but also grew as a host; he finessed his snaps, upped the animation, and introduced some of you to his Magic The Gathering obsession. 

We had live haircuts, scene reads, surprise musical guests, and a collection of fart animations that could circle the globe. 

2021 was still the year of quarantines and stressors, but we managed to move from the balcony to the couch and all the way to LONDON! Just to get you guys the episodes you needed. 

So firstly, the biggest thanks to our audience for listening and watching, for buying merchandise and filling your homes with HELIX mattresses. Let us know your favorite moments this year! 

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Compiled by: JonMichael Pereira & Betty
Sound Mixing: George Krikes
Casey Abrams on bass, Jacob Scesney on sax, Rick Glassman on keys