Neitzche’s Cat || MILKING THE COMMUNITY (S1_E2)


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The “Milking The Community” project is me composing songs inspired by my patrons who support my work via Patreon. My new membership tier offers the opportunity to present your track ideas and collaborate with me as I produce my forthcoming album. I will choose 15 of the most inspiring ideas and in return, my chosen collaborators will receive 10% of the master rights to their track, a producer credit, and a one-off vinyl dubplate of the piece they make together. Only those who are part of my Patreon community will have access to a limited edition vinyl pressing of the album, exclusive merchandise and a digital copy of the album along with exclusive bonus tracks.

The Milking the Community project is a first for the music industry and a continuation of my collaborative approach to music-making, as well as a dedication to my wonderful community of supporters on Patreon.

Join us! Get involved! I promise it’s not a cult . . . . xxx