most important decisions made at #bpt112

On December 3rd and 4th, the federal convention of the German Pirate Party took place in Offenbach. The gathering was scheduled as an opportunity to broaden its electoral platform.
The most important decisions made at the party convention:
  • The motion was approved by the convention to include in the parties position it is against right-wing; moreover the proposals “Gemeinsam gegen Rassismus” (Together against extremism) and “Immigration bereichert die Gesellschaft” (Immigration enriches society) were added to the party program. This means an assertive statement against the far right and right-wing populists.
  • In a position paper, the Pirate Party affirms its support for a united Europe. The European Financial Recovery Agreement (ESM) is heavily criticised for its lack of its democratic realisation.
Preparation for the federal election 2013:
The old election platform will be closed and a new program developed, including all that has been decided today. Next year another conference will be organised, to continue the development of our party platform.
origin: thx to Neismark

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