LEEN has entered the chat…

via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNop8YcrQ5U

Beardyman + LEEN + Harry Mack

It was an unbelievable honour to host this jam. In a mad little underground bar in London, Harry Mack came n jammed with me and it got deep. We must have made music off the top of the dome for like 2 hours. This clip is one of many I’ll be posting. My boy LEEN came down and stepped up with Harry. LEEN is IMHO the UK’s greatest living freestyle MC. THIS. . . WAS . . . FIRE. . . . . I love that this happened. Watch Harry and LEEN going Toe to Toe in the second half of this. . . insane. . .

I’ll be posting the full thing soon. Super excited to be sharing this with you guys.

Big up LEEN and Harry for coming down and blessing us with this moment.

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