I’m so insulted

via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsDd8r7qQOk

My computer is banging now. I buy new iMac and it is good. Now I can sample my patrons into the music I make with my mouth, live. If that sounds weird, that’s cos you have not yet drunk my mind juice. Dive in. Join the cult. Go to https://ift.tt/345yLN6 and join our ever growing community of wonderful souls who think Beardyman and his wife and 3 small children should not be thrown out of their house.

Every sound you hear in this video is either my voice or the voices of my patrons, subsequently manipulated in real time using the custom configured Beardytron8000 mk9 GT Turbo SLi Become one. It’s the morally right thing to do. Recognise.