Hasan Minhaj (Patriot Act, The Daily Show) on TYSO – #103

via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adx5Urx9juY

Ultimate comedian, host, and political correspondent, Hasan “The Hair” Minhaj, takes his shoes off and sits down on THE ACTUAL couch (both Rick and Hasan have been properly tested for COVID) for this week’s episode. 

He steps right into questioning our host about his Hoop Master title (Betty wrote “Hoop Master” hahaha. This is Rick now, proof reading this and… hahahah! But also… true) and their mutual love of basketball. The long time friends, who haven’t seen each other since Hasan left for NYC, reminisce about old times… forgotten and otherwise… and get updated on each other’s lives and careers. 

Rick hypothesises about Hasan’s hair contributing to his success, the two breakdown Comedy Math and we learn all about The Daily Show’s auditions and exactly what its like meeting Bill Maher. The two discuss One Man shows and Hasan bestows some insight and knowledge of his experience with both The Patriot Act & Homecoming King. 

Rick gets some insider information about Hasan’s new role on The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston and we get to see a plethora or Goblin gags throughout. 

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Edited by: Even O’Lear & Rick Glassman
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