Flula Borg (Suicide Squad, Pitch Perfect, Conan) on TYSO – #166

via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atPdkkRVOEQ

This is one of our favorite episodes. Before this podcast, Flula (aka DJ Flula [flʊla bɔɐ̯k], a German actor, musician, comedian, YouTube personality, and DJ whom you may have seen in The Suicide Squad, Pitch Perfect 2, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Conan…) and Rick only met once, for a moment. They didn’t know much of the other, and both have their unique eccentricities, so watching/listening to them learn each other at the beginning feels special. Neither know if/when the other is joking or being serious– yet it doesn’t make a difference. They could be speaking two different languages, while still learning to understand one another. As the podcast goes on and the silly continues, something happens; (Duh Duh Duuuuuuuuuh) sincerity is revealed. 

Some of you are going to ask, “why did the sincerity only now show up?” That’s what’s so special about this episode… it was there the whole time. You may not have seen it, but watch it back a second time and you’ll notice (if you really wanna hear something wild, listen to this episode backwards starting at the 8-minute mark).

All jokes INCLUDED, this is a great episode where 2 very different people discover they may not be so different after all (take note Dems and Repubs).

Don’t forget to check in on your friends. Don’t forget to treat people with kindness. And don’t forget to get a nice cold glass of Paul Newman’s lemonade, take your shoes off (if applicable), and enjoy this week’s TYSO.

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