Dad & Cousin Teddy + Adam Ray (feat. Uncle Bob) on TYSO – #122


Get ready for some absolute chaos…
You’re about to find out what happens when Comedian Adam Ray and Cousin Teddy meet in Cleveland to smoke with Rick and his dad and discuss absolutely nothing.

Steve monologues why Teddy was robbed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and questions Adam Ray’s 9th appearance for the title of most featured guest appearances. Rick ingests some KIVA edibles to make the conversation tolerable as the room fills so densely with smoke we can barely make out the Goblin poops. 

We get some “The Vegas Dads” flashbacks and Teddy brags in the form of a eulogy. Also we hear and see more of Momma Glassman’s Craft Corner and Rick phones some comedy friends. 

Teddy gives his hot stock tips, and you guessed it. We… MEET UNCLE BOB! Again… so it’s a real family affair. comment below which Glassman deserves their own solo episodes!! 

(FYI this is one of those episodes that is best by watching on YouTube)

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Edited by: Evan O’Lear & Rick Glassman
Sound Mixing: Evan O’Lear