5.1) That UK Sound: The Jamaican Connection (Historical Piece)

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Originally Published (24/06/20)
5.) That UK Sound – The Jamaican Connection & The Sounds Of Dub To Dubstep (PART 1 of 3)
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(Warning: Some scenes may cause upset & distress)

This is a historical piece. A brief summary into a more in depth look at the impact of the Jamaican and Caribbean influences within British music while also viewing the social issues occurring within certain time periods of the 20th Century.

This is an opportunity to say Thank You to people positively involved

This Segment will briefly look into:
Rastafari, Windrush, Duke Vin, Teddy Boys, #Ska, #Skinhead, #Reggae, Punk, 2Tone,

Documentary Source Recommendations:
(Please watch these these docs for more personal, in depth insights to the scenes)

Duke Vin and The Birth Of Ska: (Directed: Gus Berger 2008)
Watch Here: https://ift.tt/2N18zwN

RUDEBOY: The Story of Trojan Records: 2018
GROVE ROOTS ( Ladbroke Grove W10 ): 2011
Chanting Rastafari ‘The Story of Nyahbinghi’ Documentary: 2017
The Filth And The Fury (Sex Pistols Documentary) 2000
Reggae Britannia: 2011
The Story Of Skinhead: 2016

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Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?

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A New Era for Face Music

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Jon DeWalt 3.0 (Comedy TV Writer/Producer/BFF) on TYSO – #94

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Our first guest of 2021 could only have been Rick’s righthand man, his best friend and ultimate Zaddy Jon DeWalt. The writer/producer drops into the new place and shortly becomes the only guest that can talk more than Rick himself.

The boys jump right into it with some frenetic energy to discuss not being politically correct, broad opinions and why Rick should be passed at The Comedy Store (merch available at https://ift.tt/3hWYmvN), they dissect the collective psyche and get patriotic about Hollywood all whilst giving you their classic back and forth.

Jon never misses a beat with our host and plays like a TYSO pr … He was our first TYSO guest, so he is a seasoned professional at this point.

In-between the bits and jokes they start to unravel twitter, comedy palettes and why generalisations are what’s killing stand up.

You came to watch Rick & Jon’s comedy rapport and stayed for some really intellectual and interesting perspective on modern life and the current social and political situations. Scoot Doo.


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