Cassius Marsh Sr. (NFL, Magic: the Gathering) on TYSO – #133


CASSIUS MARSH SR! That’s right, the NFL linebacker and newest addition to the Chicago Bears/card shop owner just barely remembers to turn up for this TYSO episode. Thankfully the trading card enthusiast makes it to the couch just in time for a geeked out Magic: The Gathering Episode!

Rick discusses how he likes to interview new guests, and why he prefers to not converse before cameras are rolling. Cassius details growing up athletic and how he found his way into football, why coaches can’t be trusted, and the reality of college. 

The two try to uncover where Kel (Of Keenan & Kel) has been and they reach out to get some questions answered- LETS GET HIM ON THE POD!! 

Rick enquires about the sportsman’s history with Magic: The Gathering and what ignited his love for the game & collectables in general. They also breakdown MTG game styles and cards they love. 

Rick may just have made a new friend, as the gracious CASH CARDS owner invites him to the unboxing event of the year… Which has since happened and you can watch it here:

Rick shows Cassius some new purchases… cue the UNBOXING! And the two act like real collectors getting into the nitty gritty of cards, collections, ratings, spells, and unboxing. 

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Edited by: Perry Grone & JonMichael Pereira & Rick Glassman
Sound Mixing: Evan O’Lear