Brendan Schaub (The Fighter and the Kid, King and the Sting) on TYSO – #55


Well Boppers, what a difference a week makes.

Rick was able to squeeze in one more guest before quarantine went into full effect, and he brought out a heavy hitter! Literally and figuratively, with the nicest of the nice, Mr BRENDAN SCHAUB! A three-show podcaster (TFATK, King and the Sting, and Below the Belt), stand up comedian, and former fighter… most importantly he obliged with Rick’s somewhat amped up hygiene rules. Forget “OVER THE TRAY!” We’ve move onto “Secure your hazmat visor!” The two discuss Brendan’s comedy journey the last few years, his friendship with mentor Bryan Callen, and penis size… naturally.

And look out for some cool new animations 🙂

Look… we don’t know what’s happening in the world, and as for team TYSO we’re thinking formats may change. Maybe Video Call Guest episodes, releasing unreleased content or some solo eps! For the solo’s it would be great if you could comment below any questions you’ve got for Rick?

Check in with you all soon, stay safe & wash your hands!

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