ARI SHAFFIR & his smelly belly | The Colum Tyrrell Podcast | Ep. 21


Stand-up comedian and podcaster Ari Shaffir joins The Colum Tyrrell Podcast. Ari Shaffir is know for his podcast Skeptic Tank, appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, Legion of Skanks Podcast, Bobby Lee’s Tigerbelly and his shows The Amazing Racist and This is Not Happening.

The boys discuss arab coffee etiquette, a fat TikTok star, Justin Bieber and Ari gets naked for some reason.

The Colum Tyrrell Podcast is hosted by stand-up comedian Colum Tyrrell. Collie has been seen on comedy podcasts The Legion of Skanks Podcast, Matt & Shane’s Secret Podcast, Real Ass Podcast, YKWD, Dan Soder & Big Jay Oakerson’s The Bonfire and more.

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