Andrew Santino (Whiskey Ginger & Bad Friends Podcast) on TYSO – 50th EPISODE!!


Hey Glassman Boppers & Goblins!

Not only are we back to writing descriptions, we made it to FIFTY episodes. Thats right 50 EPISODES! Despite Rick wanting to finish after episode 8, Take Your Shoes Off continues to work his dick off with edits to and keep you all entertained (are you NOT entertained?!)!

For this very special episode, Rick called upon one of his oldest and dearest; a long time LA collaborating, bit loving, podcasting, ginger haired comedian you all know a… Andrew “The Red Rocket” Cheeto Santino!

The boys actually recorded a podcast a week earlier, but they decided to shelf it because it was a little too personal in nature, however, Rick managed to give himself more work by cutting out segments he wanted to share and making them available exclusively to Patreon Patrons (will be out within the next few weeks)

Andrew and Rick discuss comedy and as per usual, physical bits, talk art, wresting and Santino makes a trip to hell and back (The Grove) all in one single episode.

Look out for a special Momma Glassman intro all the way from London Town !!!!

And listen we know we’re pushing the Patreon thing, but Rick works hard, pays for editing help (Hi Perry!) and frankly breathing in London costs $100 a min …So your contributions and all the people who’ve signed up have really been appreciated and are making this podcast a little less burdensome.

Let us know in the comments who else you want to see Take THEIR Shoes Off!
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