Andrew Santino 3.0 (Bad Friends, Whisky Ginger) on TYSO – #250


Andrew Santino (Bad Friends, Whiskey Ginger, the movie with Zach Effron and that wrestler) takes his shoes off for the third time to take a deep dive with Rick Glassman on Cousin Danny (that Replenish video) and to find out what his dad, Uncle Bob (Economic Development and Client Advocate of Internet Bandwidth and Fixed Voice Communications, “microcosms of more serious things”) does for a living. They call Danny, Danny’s sister, Rick’s parents, Rick’s grandma, and of course, the Client Advocate himself, Uncle Bob.

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ANDREW SANTINO (@BadFriends & @AndrewSantinoWhiskeyGinger)

Directed by: Rick Glassman
Edited by: JonMichael Pereira
Sound Mixing: Matt Day
Animation: ​​⁠​⁠@TomBatesYT