Ali Macofsky (Stand Up Comedian, RBP) on TYSO – #117


She’s one of the most requested guests from the TYSO goblins… Comedian Ali Macofsky! 

This episode is all about stand up, audience connection, and documenting their career origins… also its about Ali getting jizzed, pooped and peed on like a pro by our resident Goblin. 

While exceeding our animation budget, the two managed to discuss why Ali looks up to Rick, what its like starting stand up at 18, and being an audience member for each other. 

They start to dissect comedy math like only Rick and his guests can do when Ali questions if her “low energy” personality is in fact her Unique Selling Point. Ali wonders if she’s bombing on the episode because Rick’s too quick and she feels like she can’t keep up. Cut to snapping goblin poop all over her as Rick’s Kiva chocolate really kicks in. 

The two podcasters swap discord insights, Patreon experiences, and they lament the difficulties of booking guests. Rick discusses coming back to the stage after such a long hiatus and why it scares him. While Ali documents her fast track career which see’s her now opening for Russel Peters and Joe Rogan. Ali also unpacks why wearing make up and looking good onstage isn’t always a recipe for success. 

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Resting Bitch (RBP) w/ @Ali Macofsky

Edited by: JonMichael Pereira & Rick Glassman
Sound Mixing: Evan O’Lear